The skate park was successfully completed and opened in the winter of 2010.Pollards Hill Skatepark - Image 1


The Pollards Hill Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Exercise carried out in 2006 found there was a lack of facilities for young people in the area, which had a negative impact on the residents of Pollards Hill.

In working towards a solution the Greenspaces Team want to improve facilities for young people at Pollards Hill Recreation Ground and consulted with residents in June 2007 about possible options for development.

The results showed that an outdoor gym was the most preferred option followed by skate/Bmx facilities. Since then we have working in partnership with colleagues in the Regeneration Team and installed some outdoor gym equipment on the recreation ground in 2009.

A successful application for funding was made to the Big Lottery for the skate/Bmx facilities back in 2008 and we are now looking to install the facility over the coming months.Pollards Hill Skatepark - Image 2

Further consultation on the design took place with residents and local children at the Youth Centre 31st Jan 2009. At this event concerns were raised about security due to the proposed location at the rear of the recreation ground and the lack of CCTV.

Further funding was secured for 2 CCTV cameras, this allows for better surveillance from the Police and Neighbourhood Wardens, without presenting a problem in terms of noise or nuisance for local residents as its more than 60 metres from the nearest property, which is the recommended buffer zone for a skate/Bmx facility.


  • 750mm Height 'Pyramid' hid driveway with brick 'Hubba' ledges and Grind Rail
  • 900mm Height bowled 'Taco quarter pipe'
  • 350mm Height x 4000m Length brick grind ledge
  • 450mm Height Hollow 'pump bump'
  • 350mm Height curved brick grind ledge
  • 400mm height x 3000mm Length grind rail/flat bar
  • 1200mm Height hipped quarter pipe
  • 600mm Height round end 'pump bump'
  • 1200mm Height 'bank-to-transition' with brick transition and rounded flat bank hip
  • Monitored CCTV
  • Picnic benches
  • Safe family viewing area

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