​The Schools Forum is made up of representatives from schools and academies, but with some representatives from other non-school organisations, such as nursery and 14-19 education providers. The forum acts as a consultative body on some issues and a decision-making body on others.

The forum acts in a consultative role for:

  • Changes to the local funding formula. (The local authority is responsible for the final decision, although in some cases it may delegate the decision-making power to the Schools Forum.)
  • Proposed changes to the operation of the minimum funding guarantee
  • Changes to or new contracts affecting schools
  • Arrangements for pupils with special educational needs, in pupil referral units and in Early Years provision

The forum is responsible for decisions on:

  • How much funding may be centrally retained within the Dedicated Schools Grant
  • Any proposed carry forward of deficits on central spend from one year to the next
  • Proposals to delegate funding from maintained primary and secondary schools
  • Changes to the Scheme of Financial Management

Meeting dates

    Future dates to follw. Meetings are held from 4pm to 6pm.

All meetings will be held at Malmesbury Primary School, Malmesbury Road, Morden, SM4 6HG. The meetings are open to the public but please tell the clerk in advance on 020 8545 3631 if you would like to attend.

2017/18 meeting papers

​30 January 2018
​15 November 2017
11 October 2017​
​15 June 2017
​22 March 2017
​31 January 2017

2016 meeting papers

13 October 2016
7 September 2016
16 June 2016
23 March 2016
3 February 2016

2015 meeting papers

13 October 2015
8 September 2015
18 June 2015
26 March 2015
3 February 2015