We produce a number of plans for our housing service.  They are all important and contribute to the supply and development of our housing services.

Housing Register and Nominations Policy

This document is designed to set out for the council's customers and all agencies working with the Housing Needs and Enabling Service what the council's policy is in respect of nominating people to Housing Associations for offers of permanent accommodation.

Anti-social behaviour

Housing Strategy

Housing Strategy 2004-2007

This strategy has been developed by the housing development and strategy team with consultation and the involvement of our residents. The strategy looks at all types of housing in the borough and the housing needs.

There are challenging targets to increase housing in London and the Southeast and there is a clear plan of action to achieve this.

The strategy is broken down into 3 parts and these can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Older People's Housing Strategy 2006-2009

Homelessness Strategy 2008-2013

The Homelessness Strategy 2008-2013 was published on 31st July 2008. It sets out what we need to achieve over the next five years to tackle homelessness in Merton. The strategy was developed through research and consultation with the Homelessness Strategy Group, Homelessness Forum, registered social landlords and service users. The strategy action plan will be reviewed on a quarterly basis and a full review of the strategy will take place annually.

Homelessness Strategy

Ethnic Minority Strategy 2004-2006

The ethnic minority strategy team have worked with partners and community groups in the borough to identify housing needs for people from many different racial backgrounds.  The strategy has a 3 year action plan.

For further details of the strategy and action plan please click on the links below.

BME Video Research Project 2008

Report on the BME Video Research Project 2008

Affordable Warmth Strategy 2006-2008

Affordable Warmth Strategy 2006-2008

Supporting People Strategy 2005-2010

Supporting people services provide housing related support to vulnerable people to enable them to live independently or gain access to secure housing.  The programme funds services for a range of people including those who are homeless, older people, people with learning disabilities, those with physical and mental illness and young people leaving care.

This is a five year strategy.  It identifies the services that will receive supporting people funding.  Supporting people services are there for people who need help and advice as well as on going support to live as independently as possible in the community.

You can access the strategy using the link below.

Supporting People Strategy 2005-10

Housing Needs and Stock Condition Survey Reports 2005

In line with the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) good practice, it is recommended that all local authorities carry out Housing Needs and Stock Condition surveys every 5 years. Therefore in September 2004, Merton Council commissioned Fordham Research Ltd to carry out a combined survey. They interviewed 1,250 residents and received a further 2,337 completed questionnaires.  

The Housing Needs report provides detailed information about the existing and future need of people in the borough including housing costs and the number, type and size of new affordable homes needed. The Stock Condition report considers the quality and state of repair of residential property in the borough and how far it meets the government’s Decent Homes standard. Council owned properties are assessed separately.

(The Decent Homes standard is a government grading for all social housing to ensure that it is structurally sound, has modern facilities and is energy efficient.)

As well as helping us to predict trends and devise strategies to meet the borough’s housing needs, the combined survey data has also helped to inform our Stock Options appraisal, the development of affordable housing policies, private sector housing investment strategies and local regeneration initiatives.

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