Current unauthorised sites in Merton

There are no unauthorised sites at present.

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If you would like to report an unauthorised site please contact us:

Report an unauthorised site

or contact Merton Police on 020 8721 2742 or 020 8649 3576.


Unauthorised Encampment Protocol

The joint protocol agreement between the police and the council outlines the policy and operational response to unlawful encampments within the borough.

Each case of unauthorised encampment will be individually considered on its merits, before any decision on police response is made.

The protocol acknowledges the status and rights of Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers as distinct ethnic groups and our duty under the Race Relations Amendment Act (RRAA) to positively promote good race relations.

Traveller Unauthorised Encampment Protocol

We recognise that Merton has a long history of Traveller culture and that many of our residents are of Traveller heritage. Travellers often struggle to access services around health, education and housing. Those who are highly mobile can miss out on the support they need. Therefore we will endeavour to ensure that the needs of children, younger people and other vulnerable groups from highly mobile Traveller families are met. We acknowledge that this means we have dual and sometimes conflicting roles in relation to Travellers who camp unlawfully.