Registering to receive your council tax by email or through our My Tax and Benefits password protected online accounts system, helps you save time, helps us to save on collection costs.

Council Tax E-billing Registration Form

Electronic bills don't have bar codes and are sent by email as an unencrypted attachment. You cannot use the email copy of your bill to pay at PayPoints, Post Offices or at your bank.

What are the benefits of receiving your bill by email?

  • It's faster: you can see your bill as soon as it is available.
  • You still have the choice to download and print your bill yourself. (You will need Adobe Reader.)
  • Each person named on the bill can receive their own copy at the email address given for each person.
  • It helps us to reduce our printing and postage costs.

Register to receive your council tax bill by email

Please complete the Council Tax E-billing Registration Form to register. You will need your council tax account number and a valid email address.

Once the service has been set up for you, we will send all your future bills by email. You will not receive any more paper bills until you ask us, in writing, to cancel this arrangement.

We cannot send you any reminders, final notices, or summons by email. You will still get these in the post. We can email you about any queries regarding your council tax, or reply to any emails you send to us at:

If you are jointly liable with another person for council tax, ask them to also register to receive their bill copies electronically.

If you want to to manage your account by viewing and printing your bills, checking your instalments and balances or applying for various discounts and exemptions, you can register for the password protected My Tax and Benefits Service

Your guide to council tax and spending on services booklet

This booklet explains how we work out the council tax charge, and how we spend the money that we collect to help pay for local services.

You can download a copy by following the link below.

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We are no longer able to attend to personal visitors at the Civic Centre. You can email us anytime or telephone between 9am and 5pm.