You usually have to pay Council Tax if you’re 18 or over and own or rent a home. You can work out if you’re liable below.

Who is responsible for paying

If more than one person lives in your property, the person who is comes first on this list is responsible for paying.

  1. A resident who own a freehold property
  2. A resident who owns a leasehold property
  3. A resident tenant
  4. A resident who has permission to live in a property under licence, such as a pub landlord
  5. Any resident, such as a squatter
  6. An owner of an empty property

Joint responsibility for paying

You’re jointly responsible for paying council tax if:

  • you share the same position on the list as someone else in your home
  • you’re married, in a civil partnership or live as a couple.

When a landlord is responsible for paying

A landlord is usually responsible for paying council tax when a property is a:

  • house in multiple occupation (HMO), such as bedsits with shared washing and cooking facilities
  • care home, nursing home, hostel or religious community
  • let to asylum seekers
  • a second home

If you think you’re not responsible for paying council tax, you can appeal