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Who can apply for an exemption

If everyone in your household is a student, you may not have to pay council tax if you apply for an exemption.


Who can apply for a discount

If only some of the people you live with are students, you’ll have to pay council tax but you may get a discount of 25%.

Students who qualify You will be counted as a student for council tax purposes if you’re:

  • over 20 years old and you’re studying 21 hours each week on a course lasting at least 24 weeks at a recognised place of study
  • under 20 years old and studying for a qualification up to A level or equivalent:
  • a school and college leaver aged 18 and 19
  • a youth trainee
  • an apprentice
  • a student nurse
  • a student from abroad working as a foreign language assistant in a UK school or education institution

You can check if a university or college is officially recognised on GOV.UK


Apply for a discount or exemption

You must be registered for council tax at your current address before you apply for a discount or an exemption.

Apply online

or print and send in our student council tax form

Before your bill is revised; you must pay your council tax until we tell you otherwise. Non-payment of council tax could result in us taking legal action against you.

You must tell us immediately if your circumstances change, as this may affect how we calculate your bill.