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Housing Benefit appeals

When you get a letter telling you about a decision on a Housing Benefit (HB) claim, the letter will tell you if you can appeal.

For appeals against Council Tax Support decisions made on or after 1st April 2013 please go to our Council Tax support appeals page.

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Who can appeal

There are special rules if you are not claiming the benefit yourself. For example, if you are a landlord and a decision is made about whether housing benefit is to be paid directly to you or if you are a landlord and a decision is made to recover an overpayment of housing benefit or excess council tax benefit from you.

If you are an appointee for another person you can ask us to look again at a decision about their benefit and you may be able to appeal for them. The letter telling you about the decision will tell you if you can appeal. An appointee is someone appointed by us to act for a person who cannot act for themselves.

How to appeal

Please read the Housing Benefit appeal leaflet first. There are three options available to anyone who can appeal. You can:

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