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Procurement and Information Team

The Procurement and Information team provide advice and assistance across 5 boroughs. There is a varied mix of work in the procurement side of the team where we are involved in the types of work that other legal departments will send out to external firms. Staff who have formerly worked in private practice have commented on the complexity of the work we do, the service we provide and that it is similar to working in private practice but it is a supportive working environment. As well as doing procurement, the team has been involved in setting up companies and we have a company secretary service which is used by a number of the companies that have been set up by the 5 boroughs. Where there have been large projects and external firms have been instructed, we have been involved in the work and it has provided team members the opportunity to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. Recent successes have been:

  • Being asked to take over from another council and lead on the FDAC project advising a number of other councils
  • Successfully won an adjudication in a construction matter
  • Our prompt response to covid-19 where guidance notes, advice and drafting of clauses was passed onto the 5 boroughs within very short timescale and where advice was sought by one borough, this was then cascaded to the others. Our clients have said that they found our input helpful and that there was seamless transition from office based working to home working.

Main contact

Email: - Head of law