I'd like to work on the register of electors or on elections

Information will appear here nearer the time of the next scheduled elections in May 2020.

Earn extra money in your spare time and help get Merton's residents registered to vote

Electoral Services at London Borough of Merton are recruiting casual paid workers for the annual voter registration canvass. To compile the electoral register we deliver a form to every residential property in the borough and then door-knock on the properties that have not sent the form back. Before these door-knocks, you will need to deliver forms in your patch between 22 and 28 August. The door-knocking on outstanding properties is between 11 October to 11 November, mainly in the evenings and at weekends. You must have the skills to be able to visit people and help them give the information we need. Full training and support is provided, and the final pay is dependent on how well you perform at the calls stage - where there are targets to meet. If you are interested in joining our team or would like more information please complete the application form and email electoral.services@merton.gov.uk

Recruitment for working on election duties has now closed. If you have submitted an application and not received an appointment letter you are currently on our reserve list.

I've been turned down for credit because I've been told I'm not on the electoral register. What do I do?

The register is not compiled for credit purposes, but it is used by credit reference companies to help them check on applicants' addresses. Firstly, are you entitled to be registered? If you are not a European Union or a Commonwealth citizen you cannot be registered to vote. You should explain that to the credit reference company. Have you recently moved? If you have, try referring them to your previous address. It can be also that you are on the electoral register but the credit reference agencies have not updated their records, may have made a mistake, or you have given your address to them in a different format to how they hold it.

I'm on an online register search but I've told you I don't want my details shown. Why?

There are commercial organisations that provide online electoral register searches. These organisations are using information passed to them before you told us that you did not want to be on the edited register and have your details sold. You need to tell the organisation to remove your name.

I want to view the electoral register

You can only view the current register of electors at Merton Civic Centre. You need to tell us the address you want to view. You cannot search by name.

If you want to view previous years, The British Library holds electoral registers back to the nineteenth century. You should look on their website to see what you need to do to view or get information from the registers. Their telephone number is 020 7412 7676 and their email is social-sciences@bl.uk. There are also legal restrictions on access to and use of the registers held by The British Library.

How do I become a councillor?

You need to be eligible to stand for election as a local councillor. Details on this and other useful information on becoming a councillor and on election campaigns is on the Electoral Commission website.

Do I need my poll card to vote at the polling station?

No, your poll card is for information only. It provides details about your polling station, what day you need to vote and the hours of the poll. If you go to your polling station in person and your name is on the register you can be issued with a ballot paper.

When will I get information about the candidates?

It is up to the parties and the candidates to send you information. Sometimes they may not do so. You need to contact them if you have heard nothing. Our Electoral Services staff cannot send you any information that may favour one candidate over another. At certain elections - for example, for the Mayor of London - you may be sent information about all the candidates.

I want to vote over the internet or by telephone

Some experiments have been carried out to try to make voting more convenient for people who do not want to go to a polling station or vote by post. There are issues over security, and currently the law does not allow widespread telephone or e-voting.

My elector number is written down when I vote, so it's not a secret ballot

A frequent comment from voters is to query why there is a number on the ballot paper and why their elector number is written on the polling station list. This is a protection against election fraud. All ballot papers and the lists (the 'corresponding numbers lists') are sealed up separately at the close of the poll and are held securely. They can only be opened if a High Court orders it during an investigation of an alleged election offence. Even in this case, the law prevents an individual elector's vote from being disclosed.

Other questions

If you cannot find the information you need about our services on our web pages, please try the About My Vote website. This site has more frequently asked questions than are shown here.

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