We are aware that there are additional people working from home during these exceptional circumstances and that they are more likely to be affected by the operation of construction sites during the hours set out below. We are however not able to prevent sites from operating during the permitted times to prevent disturbance to their neighbours.

Building noise

Construction work carried out by contractors is an essential part of life but it can cause disruption and disturbance to surrounding properties.

We can ask contractors to keep noisy works within certain hours.

Normally the hours for noisy works are:

  • 8am - 6pm on Monday to Friday
  • 8am - 1pm on Saturday
  • no noisy works on Sundays and Bank Holidays

However, there are times where works have to happen outside these hours. Also, these hours do not always apply to things like railway works, highways activities or other emergencies.

Council officers will decide when to use legislation depending on individual circumstances. The legislation is intended to provide help to those suffering continuous site noise and cannot be used for one-off short pieces of work or DIY.

All sites must adhere to our code of practice.

The Greater London Authority provides more detailed guidance on the control of dust from construction and demolition sites.

Report a noise nuisance

You can also telephone 020 8545 3025 during office hours (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday)