To support Clean Air Day 2021 Merton Council ran a school poster competition, with the theme London's Lungs.

Full artistic licence was given to students to interpret the theme in any way they wished to produce an A4 poster. Entrants were invited from Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 with schools permitted to submit up to five entries from each Key Stage. Prizes were awarded to the winner and runner-up, and their school in each Key Stage.

A special entry was received from a Reception class student which although could not be judged, is shared here as a wonderful example of how Clean Air Day can inspire people of all ages to think about our environment.

It is a pleasure to share the many varied entries here and to congratulate the winners and runners-up. Thank you to everyone who got involved and for supporting Clean Air Day.

Key Stage 1

Winner: Noah, St John Fisher Primary School


Runner-up: Sujana, All Saints Primary School

Key Stage 2

Winner: Lenya, Singlegate Primary School


Runner-up: Marina, Bishop Gilpin Primary School


Special thanks

Ishii Aged 5, Dundonald Primary School – Reception Class


Other Key Stage 1 Entries

Other Key Stage 2 Entries