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Update 14 December 2022

Residents should be receiving this letter and Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)  from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) from today: because of the postal strikes we are reposting them here.

Hopefully the FAQ covers any questions that you would like to ask the HSE, but they have also set up a dedicated team to take calls specifically for Galpin's Road 

The call centre will triage calls and if they require a more detailed response then they will come direct to a bespoke team at HSE; if they are not satisfied with how SGN are controlling the work safely, HSE will take the issues directly to SGN.

If you have any concerns around a gas leak which are not answered in the FAQ's, please contact the emergency service number 0800 111 999 and follow their instructions.

Update 4 November 2022

Over the weekend and into next week, we’ll be able to make two significant steps forward.

Firstly, the Community Assistance Team (CAT) are in touch with some residents to talk to them about the next steps in their return home in the next few days. These are households at the end of the cordon whose electricity was never disconnected, and so do not need an electrical safety test. If you have not been contacted this means the utility companies are still working to have your property reconnected. Please be assured that you will be contacted by your CAT keyworker as soon as we have more information.

Once the utilities have been turned on in your home, you have the option of a free safety check from SGN. They’ve set out the offer in this letter.

Secondly, since the area has been cleared of equipment, the hoardings can come down at either end of the site and the road will be reopened to vehicles and pedestrians on Monday.

As we begin to see some residents in the inner cordon return home, we will be adjusting some of our staffing arrangements on-site. This weekend, only our contracted security officers will be on site. In the event of an emergency, you will still be able to use the emergency contacts that have previously been given to you. Other officers will be on-site again on Monday.

Update 28 October 2022

Now that the Police have completed the search phase of the investigation, we are working with the utilities companies to get your homes reconnected. You can read about the next steps in our latest letter to residents.

Letter to residents about utilities

Chief Inspector Barrie Capper of the Metropolitan Police Service has also written to residents to give an update on their investigation:

Letter from Chief Inspector Capper 28 October 2022

Update 27 October 2022

We have received confirmation from the police that they will be completing their forensic search of the site in Galpin’s Road tomorrow.

We understand that those residents who are able to return home will be anxious to do so as quickly as possible. However, first, we need to clear remaining debris from the road and the utilities companies need to visit each property to reconnect gas, water and electricity supplies and carry out safety checks. For these reasons, we will be keeping the road closed until it is safe for the public to enter.

Our building control contractors have boarded up unsecured doors and windows and removed loose roof tiles and broken glass. We have security staff onsite around the clock until the road is reopened.

We anticipate that we will be able to reopen the road on Monday 7 November, after which we can start getting some residents home. But, owing to the fact the condition of each property is different and dependent on the various utility tests that need to take place first, some properties may take longer than others.

Our Community Assistance Team will be contacting each household this week to provide tailored support and details of next steps. We therefore strongly advise you to stay in your current accommodation until your Community Assistance Team key worker advises that you are able to return home.

Update 14 October 2022

Your local MP, Siobhain McDonagh, has written this letter to Galpin’s Road residents:
Invitation to Houses of Parliament to watch Galpin’s Road Parliamentary Debate

Resident meeting 11 October 2022

Hard copies of these papers were provided on the night:

After the residents’ meeting on 11 October, we took away the questions that were asked on the night so that we could provide more detailed written answers. These answers have been contributed to by all partners who were involved in the meeting.

Questions and answers from the community meeting on 11 October 2022

Help with insurance claims

We are working to provide legal advice and support to those worst-affected by the tragedy.

The Leader of the Council, Ross Garrod, has written to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) to ask for their commitment to supporting residents in their claims, the reply to which is attached below.

ABI Letter to Cllr Ross Garrod September 2022