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Talk by the Wimbledon National Trust Association

Saturday 27 April The Tale of the Tulip by Russell Bowes In the middle of the 14th century, a beautiful and exotic visitor from the east set foot on European soil for the very first time. With an extensive wardrobe of colourful veils of glistening silk shielding her dark and mysterious eyes from the gaze of the curious, the captivating visitor swept all before her and made people her willing slaves. Her beauty became the stuff of legend and she could bring prestige and riches to anyone who courted her favour. But within 150 years she would fall from grace within the course of a single week. The Tale of the Tulip follows the spectacular rise and fall of this beautiful garden flower.

  • Talks and Seminars
Address:  Christ Church Hall, Cottenham Park Road, Wimbledon
Postcode:  SW20 0RZ
Phone Number:  020 8401 2157
Organiser Name:  Maureen Patel
Starts on:  27 April 2019 14:15 PM
Finishes on:  27 April 2019 16:00 PM
Age Group:  Adults
Prices:  WNTA Members £3.00 Non Members £3.50
Event Reference:  AF1364961