The Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), Crime and Policing Act 2014 introduced a set of streamlined tools to address anti-social behaviour and the impact that this behaviour can have on individuals and communities. Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO’s) are one of these tools. PSPO’s differ from other tools as they are council led and are designed to prohibit certain activities or can require that people do certain things when engaging in certain activities within a defined public area.

Since 2017, Merton has had one borough wide PSPO specially designed to address anti-social behaviour related to alcohol. This PSPO is due to expire in October 2020.

Public Space Protection Order Consultation

As the current PSPO is due to expire in October 2020, our proposal, after looking at the available data, is that from October 2020 we should consider a new smaller PSPO focused upon five wards: Cricket Green, Figges Marsh, Graveney, Lavender Fields and Ravensbury. This however is subject to approval here at the Local Authority following a consultation and equalities impact assessment.

It is important to note that there are other tools to address anti-social behaviour and these will be utilised in the other areas of the borough, as and when required. It is also important to add that should the need arise for a second PSPO in another area of Merton at a future date, this is also possible.

The following consultation is seeking to collect views on the proposed PSPO area and prohibition as well as seeking to collect more general perception information about the area concerned.

We need to ensure that the area for the PSPO is proportionate to the problem and activities should only be restricted where necessary. The map below outlines the proposed PSPO area for your information. The closing date of the consultation is 9 August 2020


Find out which ward you live in to see if you are in the affected area