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What is street trading?

​Temporary changes have been made to street trading nationally. Pavement licences are designed to make it easier for premises serving food and drink to seat and serve customers while coronavirus social distancing guidelines remain in place.

If you want to operate a business in Merton, not contained within a building, it is highly likely you will be street trading.

Under the London Local Authorities Act 1990 (as amended) street trading is defined as:

  • the selling or the exposure or offer for sale of any article (including a living thing); and
  • the purchasing of or offering to purchase any ticket; and
  • the supplying of or offering to supply any service, in a street for gain or reward (whether or not the gain or reward accrues to the person actually carrying out the trading);

If you wish to become a street trader, you need to apply for a Street Trading Licence. These licences cover market stalls, food vans, shop forecourts and tables and chairs placed on the public highway. A fee is payable depending on the type of licence you request and the size of the pitch involved.

In general, the selling of goods or the provision of services taking place in the street or up to 7 metres distance from the public highway, will require a licence.

On the left of this page you will find links to the various types of licence we offer. Information can be found on those pages which will assist you in applying for a licence. In general there are two types of licence:

A Street Trading Licence means a licence for specified goods, location and time period. These licences run for not less than six months and not more than three years;

A Temporary Street Trading Licence is a licence granted for a single day or for such a time period as specified in the licence. A temporary licence may not exceeding six months in duration. The licence is also for specific goods and location differing only in the length it is available for.


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