We recommend that you only submit applications online as our staff are working remotely. If you need help please contact Some applications may be delayed, particularly where they require an inspection of a premises or site assessment to be carried out.

If your business is closed and you are unable to pay the licence fee when due over the next few months, you can ask for a suspension of your licence by emailing


Street Trading in a market can provide a low cost start-up business or life-long employment for many people. Operating a market stall is one of the oldest and most recognised professions in the world, bringing traders and the public together in an interesting market place.

As with all street trading it is necessary for market traders in Merton to hold a licence for their pitch. If you are interested in applying for a pitch you will first need to be registered with us. Please download and complete the form below to begin the registration process.

We are actively seeking new traders for all our markets. A list of commodities sold in our markets is included on our vacancies page. If you wish to trade in an item already contained on the list please consider an alternative market within the borough. Traders are invoiced for the days they attend.

There are two markets run by the authority in Merton. These are:-

Mitcham Market

Mitcham is the main authority run market in the borough. Located in the middle of the town centre, commodities range from fruit and vegetables to clothes and pet supplies. There is access to power across the site and anchor points for stall safety. Stalls are available for use for traders.

Abbotsbury Road Market – Morden

The market in Abbotsbury Road is just around the corner from Morden Underground station and close to local restaurants and cafes. The market runs every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

The area has recently been subjected to highway improvements and there is power available on site. There are currently spaces available for all types of trader.


Market     Number of pitches     Trading days
Mitcham Market 28 Monday to Saturday
Abbotsbury Road Morden 6 Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

Market Registration Form

Alternative market locations within the borough are:

These markets are privately run and not subject to street trading licensing. Please contact the operators directly for information and stall availability.

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