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Equipment to help businesses maintain social distancing

Acrylic free standing serving screenAcrylic free standing serving screen

These are available in 3 widths.

Dimensions 50cms W x 40cms D x 90cms H

Also in 75cms wide and 100cms wide other dimensions remain the same

  • 50cms wide £63.00
  • 75cms wide £71.00
  • 100cms wide £86.00

Coronavirus poster

Poster available A4 and A3 on poster paper

  • A4 40p
  • A3 80p
  • A2 thick 300 gsm paper £4.00 



The stickers are 30cms x 30cms non-slip floor stickers with the feet in yellow or red. Footprint stickerThey have three adhesive types vinyl flooring, short hair carpet, external paving.

  • Vinyl flooring £3.25 each
  • Carpet flooring £3.75 each
  • External paving £11.00 each


These stickers are sold in pairs of feet that can be peeled off the backing individually and stuck to internal flooring. Can be used to show where to walk if placed one behind the other in walking motion. Also available in red

Footprint stickerSold in pairs £2.50 per pair


This is available as an A4 cling sticker that will stick to any flat surface and is suitable for bathrooms and toilets.

£1.25 each

Coronavirus hand washing posterCan also be sold as an A4 poster printed on poster paper.

40p each

How to order

Orders can only be made from businesses that pay Business Rates to Merton.

We will produce an invoice for business to pay as they would any other Merton invoice

Delivery will be agreed with the customer once an order has been placed in some instances it will be free delivery. Alternatively collection can be organised by agreement at time of order placement  

Keith Bartlett
Print and Post manager
Merton Civic Centre
Tel 020 8545 3419