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Acetylene cylinders

Acetylene is a potentially dangerous gas, normally used in welding and cutting operations and is usually held in workshops or laboratories. However it can also be used for private use for home workshops and is usually stored in outhouses or sheds.

Merton Council and London Fire Brigade are calling for improved controls over the safe use, signage and storage of acetylene gas cylinders; and a greater awareness of the dangers when the cylinders are involved in fires and other incidents.


Register of cylinders

We are trying to compile a register of where acetylene cylinders are held in order to attempt to alleviate some of the difficulties that can arise if a cylinder is involved in a fire.

If you have a cylinder at home or at work please contact the emergency planning team here at Merton on: 020 8274 4901 and ask for Emergency Planning or email us at


Fire risk

A fire involving acetylene cylinders can cause a major disruption. Because of the risk of explosion a hazard zone of 200 metres radius is set up every time these cylinders are in danger of exploding at a fire.

If a gas cylinder explodes following a fire the resulting dangers can include a travelling fireball, flying glass and structural damage to nearby buildings.


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