If your business receives Small Business Rate Relief you may be eligible to receive a one-off grant of £10,000 from the Small Business Grant Fund. 

Beware of scams

Some scammers are charging a fee to 'facilitate' grant claims. There is no need to pay to access government business grants. 

Some businesses have received 'phishing' emails appearing to be from Merton Council, asking them to fill in a fake application form, make a payment, or repay a grant that was 'given in error'.

Please be wary of clicking any link in an email, and remember the 'from' address on an email may be fake. When applying online for a grant from us, always start on our official website www.merton.gov.uk.

Your business will be eligible for a grant payment from Merton Council if it:

  • is based in Merton, and
  • is in receipt of Small Business Rate Relief as of 11 March, and
  • occupies property.

How to get a grant

We have contacted eligible businesses to let them know.

If you have not heard from us and think you are eligible, please contact the Business Rates team on 020 8545 3751.

We may ask you to complete the data capture form if we don't have all the information we need.

Please only complete this form if we have asked you to.

Data capture form

Latest updates

We have paid over £16 million to over 1,000 businesses since 2 April.

authorised the first 290 grant payments on 2 April to businesses from which we had received a Direct Debit payment in the past 12 months. £5.9 million in grants were paid and will reach bank accounts on 7 April. 

We have published a web form for all other eligible businesses to complete, which will automate the process of paying all remaining grants. Businesses will need to upload their business bank account details and provide information relating to the business. 

We are contacting all eligible businesses via email or telephone advising them to complete the form.

Find out more

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