Our cemetery service operates a burial service on Saturdays, subject to terms and conditions. This covers Merton and Sutton Joint Cemetery, London Road Cemetery and Gap Road Cemetery.

Conditions of a short notice funeral

We accommodate about 90% of short notice burials where all the necessary legal documentation is provided in good time, subject to operational demands, ground conditions and principally, existing burials.

If a Muslim or short notice burial is required in our cemeteries, organisations dealing with a death must contact the cemetery office at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure that we can accommodate the funeral. This should be confirmed before any other arrangements are made, particularly in respect of contacting distant relatives.

We require the Certificate for Burial and Cremation (the green certificate) before we will take a booking for a funeral, this can be faxed to us or brought into the Civic Centre. Funeral arrangements must be made with the Cemeteries office by 10.00am if we can accommodate the funeral. Please do not contact the cemetery directly.

To give dignity and respect to each funeral service we allow, as a matter of policy, 1½ hours between each funeral allocation; this allows each bereaved family time to grieve without the pressure of being rushed, either by staff or by other funeral parties.

As an experienced team we know that each funeral service can take up to at least 1 hour from start to finish, from the hearse arriving to the mourners leaving. This does not include our preparation and post burial proceedings (we need considerable time to prepare the graves (we dig all graves to an industry standard code of safe working practice), to back fill, to tidy the surrounding area and to comply with health and safety requirements.) We therefore do not undertake two funeral services at or about the same time.

Please note when funeral arrangements are being made that we will only deal with the relevant mosque or funeral director. Family members contacting us will be referred back to relevant organisation.

Saturday funerals

If a Saturday funeral is required please contact the Cemeteries office as soon as possible. We only provide one burial time slot of 11.00am and which is straight to grave.

For a Saturday Muslim funeral arrangements must be made with the Cemeteries office by 10.00am the previous day. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee to accommodate a Saturday funeral. Please do not contact the Cemetery directly.

Sunday and Public Bank Holidays

Unfortunately we do not undertake Sunday or public bank holiday funerals.


When the fee has been agreed with the cemetery office at the civic centre, the payment is required in advance of the funeral.  Payment can only be taken at the civic centre. We now only take payments in the form of a cheque or by debit or credit card as we no longer take cash.

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