There are usually two steps to getting married:

  1. Give notice at a register office
  2. Have a civil or religious ceremony

The steps may be different for some religious ceremonies.

Giving notice of marriage

Unless you are getting married in an Anglican church and not subject to immigration control, you must give notice at a register office.

If both you and your partner are British, European (EEA) or Swiss nationals then you must both give at least 28 clear days' notice at the register office for the local authority where you live.

If you or your partner are subject to immigration control, you must give notice together at any designated register office in England and Wales.

Marriage couples where one or both the parties are non-EEA nationals who do not provide adequate evidence of:

  • indefinite leave to remain / indefinite leave to enter
  • permanent resident status
  • a marriage or civil partnership visa
  • other exemption from immigration control

will be referred to Home Office Immigration under the new 'referral and investigation' scheme. This may mean that these couples may have their notice period extended from 28 to 70 days if the Home Office has reasonable grounds to investigate their circumstances. In all cases your notice will be publicly displayed in the register office for 28 clear days, can be issued from the 29th day and are valid for 12 months.


Fees for giving Notice

Standard hours fee per notice: £35.00 or £47.00

Out of hours supplement fee per notice: £10.00

(Standard hours: Monday to Friday 09:00-15:30)


Appointments are available at Merton Register Office from Monday to Friday between 9.30am - 4.00pm and occasional weekends.

To book an appointment please telephone 020 8274 5777.

What should we take to our notice appointment?

You must each bring the following original documents to your notice appointment:

  • your current valid passport
  • proof of address this must be one of the following:


Validity period

Utility bill Must be dated within the last three months
Bank statement Must be dated within the last month
Council Tax bill Must be dated within the last year
Mortgage Statement Must be dated within the last year
Driving licence Must be valid and in date.

the name and address of your marriage or civil partnership venue

Other original documents you must bring, depending on your circumstances:

Your Circumstances

What to bring

Your or your partner are non-EEA Nationals​


- 1 Passport sized photo for each of you ONLY if one or both of you are not EEA/British nationals, if both of you are EEA/British nationals, we don't need the photos

- Proof of the current immigration status for all non-EEA nationals

Divorced or dissolved civil partnership


- final divorce or dissolution document

- marriage or civil partnership certificate

- if documents are not in English, a full English translation by a third party, including translator's details and signature.

Widowed or are a surviving civil partner

- spouse or civil partner's death certificate

- marriage or civil partnership certificate.

Changed name - proof of name change.
Under 18 - completed parental consent form; collect one from us before your notice appointment.

Converting a Civil Partnership to a Marriage

From 10th December 2014 the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 enables civil partners to convert their civil partnership to a marriage provided that it was formed:

  • in England or Wales
  • at a British Consulate
  • by British Armed Forces Personnel (only where their civil partnership has been formed overseas under the provision of the Civil Partnership Act 2004, not under local law)

The completed conversion will automatically end the civil partnership and the couple will be treated as having been married since the date the civil partnership was formed.

Where both the couple can attend a register office, the conversion can be completed without requiring the usual consents, notice periods, witnesses, residency requirements or reciting of statutory words (though the Superintendent Registrar is required to state statutory words during the conversion process). This is because the civil partners are already in legal relationship. Please note there are exceptions to this standard process so please telephone us for clarification of your circumstances.

The actual process will involve an appointment during which the (Deputy) Superintendent Registrar completes a declaration document that must be signed by the couple.

Appointments are available at Merton Register Office from Monday to Friday between 9.30am - 4.00pm. Please contact us to book an appointment.


In Merton, marriage ceremonies can take place at:

Same-sex couples can marry in a religious building where permission has been given by the organisation and the building has been registered for the marriage of same sex couples.


A marriage certificate is a certified copy of the entry in the marriage register. You may need one to prove your marital status in the future. The costs are as follows:

Service Cost
At time of registration £4.00 each
After registration (5 day standard service) £7.00 or £10.00 each (depending on the length of time since the birth)
After registration (24 hour express service) £7.00 or £10.00 each (depending on the length of time since the birth)plus an additional £10
After registration (1 hour express service) £7.00 or £10.00 each (depending on the length of time since the birth)plus an additional £20
Additional Postage fee within the EU (outside UK) £6.50
Additional Postage fee outside of the EU £7.50

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