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Sacred Heart RC Primary School

Safeguarding Children Board

Safeguarding children: report a concern

Safeguarding vulnerable adults: report a concern

Safer Merton

Safety: see

Saint Helier Community Centre

Salaries: see

Sales to children: see

Salting and gritting: see


Satellite dishes

Scams: see

School admissions

School attendance: see

School exclusions

School governors

School Library Service

School meals: see

School performance and standards

School term dates

School welfare services: see

Schools list

Scrap metal collection: see

Scrutiny committees: see

Secondary schools: see

Section 38 agreements (Highways Act): see

Security cameras: see

Security of property: see

Senior citizens: see

Severe weather

Sewer blockages: see

Sex education: see

Shared ownership

Sheltered housing

Sherwood School

Short breaks (respite care)

Sight impairment: see

Singlegate Primary School

Sites and projects policies (planning): see

Skip licences

Snow clearance

Social care: see

Social housing

South London Legal Partnership

South Wimbledon Community Centre

Special educational needs and disabilities

Special schools: see

Special waste collections: see

Sponsorship and advertising

Sports and recreation

Sports pitches

Squatters in council property

Squirrels (control): see

SS Peter and Paul RC Primary School

St John Fisher RC Primary School

St Mark's Church of England Academy

St Mark's Church of England Academy 6th Form

St Mark's Family Centre

St Mark's Primary School

St Mary's RC Primary School

St Matthew's C of E Primary School

St Teresa's RC Primary School

St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School

Staff vacancies: see

Standards (schools): see

Stanford Primary School

Stray animals: see

Street cafe licences: see

Street care and cleaning: see

Street lighting

Street litter bins: see

Street markets: see

Street numbering and naming

Street repairs and footpath maintenance

Street trading

Street works: see

Supported tenancies

Supporting People

Suspension from school: see