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Dance licences: see

Dangerous animal licences: see

Dangerous dogs

Dangerous structures

Dangerous waste disposal: see

Data protection

Day care centres

Dead animals

Death certificates: see

Deaths: see

Deaths (numbers): see

Debt advice services: see

Defective goods: see

Demolition (buildings)

Demonstrations or marches: see

Derelict buildings: see

Development control: see

Direct payments for adults

Disability equipment: see

Disability support (learning difficulties): see

Disabled badges (parking): see

Disabled children: see

Disabled Facilities Grants

Disabled parking bays

Disabled parking permits: see

Disabled people: see

Disabled persons tax credit: see

Disaster recovery planning: see

Discretionary housing payment

Discrimination or harassment: see

Display advertisements and hoardings

Diversity (equal opportunities): see

Dog breeding licences: see

Dog fouling

Dog litter bins

Dogs: see

Domestic violence: see

Domestic waste collection: see

Domiciliary care services: see

Doorstep collection (waste): see

Drain clearance: see

Drinking water quality: see

Drinks licences: see

Dropped kerbs: see

Drug and alcohol action teams: see

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Dumped cars: see

Dumped rubbish: see

Dumps (rubbish): see

Dundonald Primary School

Dust lice: see