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Car parking: see

Car parking permits: see

Care: see

Careers: see

Career development: see

Carer support: see

Cars: see

Casino licences: see

CCTV surveillance

Cemeteries: see


Chamber of commerce: see

Chaperone services (schoolchildren): see

CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Scheme)

Chief Executive

Child abuse: see

Child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS)

Child benefit

Child care: see

Child employment: see

Child protection: see

Child tax credit: see

Childcare provider support

Childminding: see

Children in care: see

Children with disabilities or learning difficulties: see

Children's centres

Children's cycle training

Children's libraries: see

Children's social care

Choice based lettings: see

Christmas tree recycling

Cinema licences: see

Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizen's panels: see


Civic amenity sites: see

Civil emergencies: see

Civil partnerships

Civil resilience planning: see

Civil weddings: see

Climate and weather: see

Clinical waste disposal

Cockroaches: see

Collection of waste: see

Colleges (further education)

Colliers Wood Library

Commercial waste disposal: see

Committees and meetings

Communication: see

Community associations: see

Community care: see

Community centres

Community Forums

Community groups: see

Community learning: see

Community safety

Community Toilet Scheme

Community transport: see

Complaints and compliments (council): see


Comprehensive schools: see

Computers: see

CON29: see

Concessionary fares: see

Congestion (traffic): see

Conservation areas

Constituencies: see


Consultations: see

Consumer advice services

Contaminated land

Contingency planning: see

Controlled parking zones

Council house sales: see

Council house waiting lists: see

Council housing

Council land and property

Council offices: see

Council performance: see

Council policies and plans: see

Council tax: see

Council tax benefit: see

Council tax benefit overpayments

Council tax exemptions

Council tax payments

Council Tax Support

Councillors: see

Counterfeit goods: see

Cranmer Primary School

Crazy golf

Credit unions: see

Crematoria: see

Cricket Green School

Cricket pitches: see

Crime prevention: see

Crossovers (pavements): see

Croydon, Merton and Sutton Credit Union

Customer Service Standards

Cycle routes

Cycling proficiency: see