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Applying for a Reception place at a primary school

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All children can start Reception in the September following their 4th birthday. Applications can be made during the period 1 September to 15 January before the child is due to start.

Reception applications for September 2015

The closing date for applications was Thursday 15 January 2015

If your child was born between 1 September 2010 and 31 August 2011 they will be due to start Reception from September 2015.The closing date for on-time applications has now passed. You can still make an application and would recommend that you do so as soon as possible, an application form can be obtained by contacting School Admissions or attending the Civic Centre. If you have just moved to the area or have a strong reason why your application was not submitted on time you can submit an application up until 13 February 2015 and it may be processed with on-time applications.

The Starting Primary School Brochure 2015 (5.0MB) contains all the information you need to make an application, including how places were allocated last year.

Increased demand for Reception places

Due to an increase in demand for Reception places over the last few years, and an expected demand for places in the September 2015 intake, we are making arrangements to meet this additional demand. Please see the section Increased demand for Reception places for further information.

Timetable for Reception applications

September - December 2014 Parents can contact primary schools to arrange visits.
Thursday 15 January 2015 Closing date for applications. Common Application Forms should be returned to your first preference school, if this is a Merton school. If your first preference school is not a Merton school, forms should be returned to School Admissions and supplementary forms should be sent to the relevant schools by this date.
Friday 13 February 2015 Closing date for applications from people moving into the borough, or changing address after 15 January 2015.
14 February - 4 March 2015 Applications ranked according to the admissions criteria.
Thursday 16 April 2015 Offer day. Online applicants will receive their application outcome. Letters are posted first class by Merton.
Thursday 30 April 2015 Date by which all acceptances must be submitted.
Thursday 14 May 2015 Closing date for appeals for Merton community schools.
June - July 2015 Admissions Appeals


From September 2015 the way in which distances are calculated for Primary School and Nursery allocations will change - this means that all children starting Nursery or Primary School from September 2015 will be measured to a single point within each school.

We will no longer be measuring to the 'nearest school gate used for admissions purposes' but to the main entrance to the Reception/Office area. This is because it was not always clear which schools were using multiple gates or had opened new gates. Some schools use different gates for different year groups and some have gates that are only used in the lighter summer months. To have one single point in each school offers transparency to parents and therefore confidence in the admissions process. Please note that Church schools, Academies and Free Schools may measure to a different point and you may wish to check the school's admissions arrangements for further details.

Please note that all quoted distances will be to a different point from the one used in previous years and should be regarded as a very rough guide only. This change is included in our admission arrangements which were subject to a consultation exercise and were completed in March 2014.

Important information and declaration

If you provide false or deliberately misleading information whilst completing a school application this application will become invalid and it may be a criminal offence. False information will result in the withdrawal of a school place and could lead to prosecution as there may be a financial loss to Merton Council due to the expense of funding a school place for your child.

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This page was last updated on Friday 27 February 2015