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Poplar Primary School priority area

An Admissions Priority Area (APA) is a defined area with boundaries within which children receive priority for a school place ahead of those living outside of it.

Poplar has been expanded to 90 places since the 2012 Reception intake and the APA will only apply to the additional 30 places. The first 60 places will be allocated according to existing admissions criteria


Map of the Poplar Primary School Priority Area

Roads included in the Poplar Primary School priority Area

  • Aylward Road (odd 107 onwards; even 90 onwards)
  • Charminster Avenue
  • Charnwood Avenue
  • Church Lane
  • Church Path
  • Circle Gardens
  • Covey Close
  • Cranleigh Road
  • Crown Lane (even numbers only)
  • Daybrook Road
  • Dorset Road
  • Erridge Road
  • George Square
  • Grasmere Avenue
  • Harland Close
  • Hazelbury Close
  • Kendor Gardens
  • Kenley Road
  • Keswick Avenue
  • Kingston Road (even only 166 – 180)
  • Langley Road
  • Leafield Road
  • London Road (even only 2 – 86)
  • Martin Way (odd only 1 – 31)
  • Melrose Road
  • Morden Road (even only 168 – 256)
  • Mostyn Gardens
  • Mostyn Road (odd 9 to end; even 12 to end)
  • Old School Close
  • Poplar Road
  • Poplar Road South
  • Sandbourne Avenue
  • Sheridan Road (odd 1 – 15; even 2 – 34a)
  • Stratton Close
  • Stratton Road
  • Tybenham Road
  • Wessex Avenue
  • Windermere Avenue

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This page was last updated on Thursday 31 July 2014

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