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Merton's 18 allotment sites provide a unique outdoor leisure activity for borough residents. The work you put in will help keep you fit and as an extra reward you'll see the weekly shopping bills drop as you produce your own fresh vegetables.

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Applying for an allotment

Anyone who lives in Merton can apply for an allotment plot.  Due to the high demand for allotments in Merton, we can no longer accept applications from those living outside the borough and you can only apply to be on one waiting list.

Currently, all of our allotment sites have waiting lists. Waiting lists are closed when the waiting period is five years or more or there are more people waiting than plots available on the site. All waiting lists are reviewed regularly.

Before choosing a site, please check the Allotment Waiting List Information to see if your desired site has an open waiting list.

Allotment Waiting List

To apply for an allotment with vacancies you can apply online

For more information about application see the Allotments Protocol

Allotment sizes

  • Our allotment sizes range from approximately 125 square metres/ 30ft x 45ft (5 rods) to approximately 250 square metres/ 30ft x 90ft (10 rods). There are smaller plots available on some sites.
  • A rod or perch, as it was also known, equivalent to 25m², was a traditional Saxon land measure and survives in the twentieth century.

Fees and charges

1st October 2016 to 30th September 2017

Rent rate

Charge per 25m²
from 01/10/2016

Standard Allotment Rent £19.15 per 25m² (1 rod)

Concession *

Disabled persons and those aged 60 and over & not in full time employment. Holders of ES40 or recipients of supplementary benefits, juniors.

£13.40 per 25m²  (1 rod)

Water Rate £1.20 per 25m²
Site Key £6.00

1st October 2017 to 30th September 2018

Rent rate

Charge per 25m²
from 01/10/2017

Standard Allotment Rent £19.30 per 25m² (1 rod)


Disabled persons and those aged 60 and over & not in full time employment. Holders of ES40 or recipients of supplementary benefits, juniors.

£13.50 per 25m²  (1 rod)
Water Rate £1.30 per 25m²  (1 rod)
Site Key £6.00

* Concessions

Concessions are allowed on a maximum of 250m² (10 rods) per tenant and only apply to London Borough of Merton residents or those working in or attending full time education in the borough.  To be eligible for a concession on allotment rent, proof of entitlement must be received no later than 1 September to receive a discount for the coming year commencing 1 October.


Payments can be made via our online service.

Pay online

Allotment sites

You can find your nearest allotment on the Map of allotment sites in Merton

  • Brooklands Allotments, Brooklands Avenue, London SW18 4RW (View Map)
  • Cannizaro Allotments, off Camp Road, London SW19 4UE (View Map)
  • Cannon Hill Allotments, also known as The Paddock Allotments, off Parkway, London SW20 9HE (View Map)
  • Cottenham Park Allotments, Cambridge Road, West Wimbledon, London SW20 0RW
  • (View Map)
  • Durnsford Allotments. Durnsford Road, Wimbledon SW19 8HQ(View Map)
  • Eastfields Allotments, Eastfields Road, Mitcham, CR4 2LR(View Map)
  • Effra Allotments, Effra Road, Wimbledon SW19 8PA(View Map)
  • Eveline Allotments, Eveline Road, Mitcham, CR4 3HH (View Map)
  • George Hill East and West, Holne Chase, Morden, SM4 5QA (View Map)
  • Haslemere Allotments, Haslemere Avenue, London SW18 4RP(View Map)
  • Havelock Allotments, Havelock Road, Wimbledon, SW19 8HD(View Map)
  • Martin Way East and West Allotments, Martin Way, London SW20 8DG (View Map)
  • New Barns Allotments, New Barns Avenue, Mitcham, CR4 1LJ (View Map)
  • Phipps Bridge Allotments, Phipps Bridge Road, Colliers Wood, London CR4 5JD
  • (View Map)
  • Tamworth Farm Allotments, also known as Rose Avenue Allotments, London Road, Mitcham, CR4 3JY (View Map)
  • Thurleston Allotments, Thurleston Avenue, Morden, SM4 4HW (View Map)
  • Western Road Allotments, Western Road, Mitcham, CR4 3BD(View Map)

Our aims

  • Provide notice boards on all allotments providing tenants with information.
  • Publish prices of plots on our website and send details each year to our existing tenants.
  • Rent plots to new tenants on a fair and transparent basis and to existing tenants annually.
  • Mark out your plot if it is overgrown and you are unable to distinguish the boundary.
  • Offer a rent free period if your new plot is overgrown at the time of allocation.
  • Send out annual invoices to be with tenants by 1 October.
  • Provide two waste bays, one for material which can be composted and one for waste, where practical.
  • Remove the contents of the waste bays at regular intervals.
  • Ensure that the water supply is turned on every spring and turned off every autumn.
  • Provide organic soil improvement material eg. manure from local stables, bark chippings, and leaves to each site.
  • Regularly maintain the main site footpaths.
  • Encourage organic gardening to reduce the use of pesticides.
  • Improve access for people with disabilities.
  • Develop our internet access to support allotment gardening.
  • Support the development of individual allotment societies.

Allotments strategy

Allotments strategy 2007-10

Allotments protocol

This document summarises how the waiting list operates, and some of your responsibilities as an allotment-holder.

Summary of Allotments Protocol

Allotment Association Representatives


Self-management proposal

Related websites

Contact us

The allotments officer is available on Mondays and Thursdays between 9am-5pm
Tel: 020 8545 3665

This page was last updated on Thursday 2 February 2017

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