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Property Management and Review

Manager: Howard Joy Bsc, MRICS

The Council transferred its Housing stock to Merton Priory Homes and so no longer deals with the Right to Buy scheme. Please apply direct to Merton Priory Homes on 0300 500 3000.

The section is the council’s primary source of professional advice in relation to valuation and property matters. We keep records of land holdings for the council. We do not have records of privately owned property, these can be found in the Land Registry.

If you require independent advice on land matters then we suggest you try to contact the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) on 0870 333 1600 or by email.

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Housing enquiries

Please note that due to the housing stock transfer, lease extensions, freehold sales and Deeds of Waiver along with any housing enquiries will need to be made direct to Merton Priory Homes.

Merton Priory Homes website

Merton Priory Homes
The Grange
1 Central Road

Telephone:  0300 500 3000
Repairs: 0800 404 6090

Commercial properties

We have many shops and industrial units within the borough of Merton. Most are already Let but if you wish to enquire about a vacant property please email us

If you are interested in renting from us, it will be useful to look at the code of practice for commercial leases, which can be found at Commercial property (RICS website).

Please check this link for Available Property.

Boundary enquiries

If you have a boundary dispute it is necessary to get a specialist to look at all aspects of the problem. Chartered surveyors specialising in boundaries are professional advisors with relevant knowledge of both property issues and the law.

To find your nearest chartered surveyor in your area call RICS contact centre on 0870 333 1600 or visit the RICS website.

Land ownership

The council maintains records of land under its ownership only. We are therefore happy to advise if our records indicate whether the land is owned by the council or not. If the land is owned by another, then the only information available to you will be held at the Land Registry.

You can contact Croydon Land Registry by telephone on 020 8781 9100 or visit the Land Registry (website).


The ownership and management of all Merton Council homes has transferred to the local housing association Merton Priory Homes.

Merton Priory Homes Website.

Occasionally we do get involved with the sale of houses. If you wish to know if there are currently any available for sale please check this link Available Property.

Deeds of waiver

Please apply direct to Merton Priory Homes on 0300 500 3000.

Lease extensions

Please apply direct to Merton Priory Homes on 0300 500 3000.

Freehold purchases

Please apply direct to Merton Priory Homes on 0300 500 3000.

Business rates and council tax

This section has no direct involvement with Business rates or council tax, either the assessment or charging, in either commercial or residential properties. If you are a charity, you may be entitled to relief from the business rates. If you wish to find out more information on this and other rate related problems you can email

Unauthorised Traveller encampments

On being alerted of an unlawful trespass, police will create a CAD (computer aided despatch) incident record and alert the duty officer. Police will attend the scene as soon as possible. Merton Council will be alerted and will attend if we are the owner of the land. The duty officer (or other supervisor in their absence) will attend the scene as soon as possible.

On arrival police should take steps to prevent further trespass and prevent a breach of the peace and protect the rights and freedoms of all concerned. Police will also deal with criminal acts.

If you wish to report the arrival of Travellers on land in Merton you can call the contact centre on 020 8274 4901

Travellers Unauthorised Encampments

Current unauthorised Traveller encampments

See Travellers Unauthorised Encampments

Asset Management

Asset Management planning maximises the performance of fixed, physical or capital assets that have a direct and significant impact on achieving corporate objectives.

The plan is in two parts: the Procedural Plan confirms the revised organisational arrangements and prioritisation and monitoring procedures in place for future delivery, and the Performance and Delivery Plan identifies the ongoing projects and targets through which real improvements are being delivered.

Read the Corporate Asset Management Plan 2011 - 2015

Community Right to Bid

For further information please see our Community Right to Bid page.

Council property register

For a list of all of council property, see Property Register

Contact us

Property Management and Review
12th Floor
Merton Civic Centre
London Road

Telephone: 020 8545 3071

This page was last updated on Wednesday 7 October 2015

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