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Annual Residents' Survey

The Annual Residents' Survey is a survey of residents over 18 years old in the borough. Merton residents are interviewed, face to face by independent researchers, about their personal concerns, attitudes to the council and council services. Over a thousand local people are interviewed in their homes and public places ensuring that the opinions of a broad mix of residents are collected. In recent years we have also surveyed young people between the ages of 11 and 17.

A London-wide survey is carried out at the same time as Merton's own survey, which enables Merton to compare its results both with previous years and with the rest of London.

2014 Residents' Survey

The Residents' Survey for 2014 will take place from 15 September until 19 October.  We carry out the survey using market research company TNS-BMRB, whose staff will be knocking on residents' doors over the one-month period.  If you are asked to complete our survey, we would be extremely grateful for your time and cooperation in doing so.  We hope residents will take the opportunity to tell us what they think of the council and the local area.

We expect the results of this year's survey to be available in Spring 2015.

Results of the 2013 survey

The Residents' Survey 2013 was carried out in September and October 2013. The main survey covers the following issues:

  • Personal concerns of residents
  • Image of the Council as a whole
  • Satisfaction with local services
  • Other local matters and services

Results of the 2013 Residents' Survey (0.9MB)

Key messages from the 2013 survey

Since the council started commissioning an annual independent residents’ survey in 1999, the 2013 results show several “best evers”: more residents than ever before feel the council is efficient and well run and more residents than ever before think the council is doing a good job and offers value for money. Also on the up is the number of people who think the council is making the area a better place to live.

Crime continues to be a top concern for many residents, alongside litter and dirt on the streets, but the proportion of residents worried about crime continues to fall year on year. Concern about council tax is at its lowest ever while concern over lack of jobs has fallen slightly.  On these latter two areas, Merton is outperforming London.

Doing a good job:

In terms of image of the council, residents remain generally positive with 79% agreeing that Merton is doing a good job. This is significantly more than the London-wide score.

Local services:

Satisfaction with several of the borough's services has increased noticeably compared to last year, namely public transport, policing, primary and secondary education, and street lighting. Views on policing and adult social services in Merton have not only improved significantly since last year, they are significantly above the London averages. Merton also scored significantly higher than the London averages in the collection of council tax, libraries, and social services for children and families; however the borough’s secondary education score, despite increasing on last year, is significantly lower than the pan-London score and opinion on recycling facilities has gone down by 5%, having last year gone up by 7%.  This takes it back below the pan-London score.

Young people:

Young people’s concerns are similar to those of adults, with crime the biggest concern. Bullying also remains a key concern but the level of concern over standard of education and bad behaviour has fallen significantly this year.

Merton Council continues to be viewed fairly positively by young residents, with 74% feeling they get the services they need, up 2% points from 2012. 85% of young people surveyed also agree that Merton is a good place to live, whilst significantly more young residents in Merton (+13%) feel that the council listens to their concerns when compared to the London-wide average.

Looking forward:

Whilst we are pleased that residents generally feel we are going a good job, we know there is a lot more work to do. Although the level of concern is dropping, crime, is still the top worry for residents, and concern about litter on the streets has risen noticeably. These are areas we will look to target whilst making sure we continue to provide value for money to our residents.

Technical note

  1. The survey is carried out through face-to-face questionnaire-based interviews, usually lasting 12 minutes with each respondent.
  2. Interviews were conducted at 75 points across the borough with people from a variety of backgrounds. The quota sample for the 2013 survey has been changed from previous years to reflect the population changes identified in the 2011 Census. This means that a higher proportion of respondents are from BME backgrounds - 37% instead of 25% - and 14% were ‘white other’.
  3. Respondents must indicate that they have been in the borough for at least six months to be interviewed.
  4. The survey with young people was carried out with residents aged 11 – 17.
  5. Image questions are statements put to residents who are asked to agree or disagree, for instance: "Merton offers value for money" or "Merton is doing a good job".
  6. Results on services are usually provided separately for users of the service and the population as a whole.
  7. London comparisons are based on a survey in October 2013 with 1,000 people across London. It is separate from surveys undertaken in individual London boroughs.
  8. The margin of error for this survey is 4%.

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