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Burial and cremation registers

Page from a burial register

Find burial or cremation records and burial sites.

Online search

You can search Merton's lists of burials and cremations at Deceased Online:

Deceased Online

Nearly 100,000 records are available from the following Merton cemeteries:

  • Church Road Cemetery (also known as St Peter and St Paul’s Cemetery)
  • Gap Road Cemetery (also known as Wimbledon Cemetery)
  • London Road Cemetery
  • Merton and Sutton Joint Cemetery (Garth Road)

The oldest records are for Church Road Cemetery, dating back to 1883.

About Deceased Online

Deceased Online allows you to search their database free of charge, to see if records are available for people you are interested in. You can then view a list of records available for each person. The records available for Merton include grave details (including grave occupants) and scans of burial registers.

There is a small charge to access and download records:
Pricing schedule (Deceased Online)

Deceased Online does not currently provide maps of graves in Merton. If you require a map it may be possible to find one by performing a manual search (see below).

Manual search

We can assist you with a manual search, however there is a charge for this service because these searches are very time-consuming for our staff. Fees and charges

If the search is successful we may be able to provide a map of the cemetery and a location map of the grave.

Most boroughs charge for this service and our charge meets the average market price and enables us to offer best value for money. The fee must be paid before we start the process and is non-refundable, even if the search is not successful.

We are not a public records office so you will not be able to do the search yourself.

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